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Our founder, Tracy Wale followed her nursing career to the Las Vegas valley in the summer of 1995. She was working with a local hospital group developing their Women’s & Children’s nursing departments. Despite a great career, Tracy always had a desire to develop her own organization for the benefit of her family. In early 1996, a dear friend, who was also a dentist, asked her for help with his OSHA compliance programs. A light turned on (so to speak) and a need was identified among providers in private practice. Following many months of research and development, Compliance Alliance was born. Since that time, we have been developing and implementing solutions for providers to some of the most challenging situations they face: COMPLIANCE.

In the late 2000’s infection prevention planning and implementation rose to the forefront of outpatient healthcare. As clinics and offices scrambled to decipher, develop and implement regulatory changes and develop the training, systems, and documentation to achieve compliance, we were there at the forefront with solutions. Our team of Safety & Infection Prevention Specialists is expert in the realm of infection prevention. They work with clients developing written programs, systems, and documentation specific to our provider’s needs — ensuring the safest care possible for patients, their families, and our team members.

Our programs and systems are constantly updated for our clients, ensuring they meet the evolutionary nature of workplace safety and infection prevention. New threats are always on the horizon, is your practice prepared?

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