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Workplace Violence in Healthcare

Healthcare workers have always faced a significant risk of job-related violence. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines workplace violence as “violent acts (including physical assaults and... Read More

Common Questions About Disinfecting Surfaces

What is cleaning and why is it important? Cleaning is the first step of any disinfection process. Cleaning a surface removes any organic matter and visible solids, both of which... Read More

Radiation Safety

The average annual dose of radiation that people who do not work with x-ray equipment receives is about 620 millirem.  Approximately 30 millirem comes from food and beverages you consume. ... Read More

Fire Safety

Hopefully, fires in the workplace are uncommon for you. Which means it is even more essential to remind your staff of the steps to take in the event of a... Read More

Floors Prove a Source of Infection

Infection Control Today recently published an article on management of floors in healthcare facilities. Although your facility may not be a hospital, many of the principles certainly apply. Floors were often... Read More