If you are like many other practices, chances are excellent you have countless versions of canned Federal workplace safety programs that have never been completed.  

At Compliance Alliance, following a comprehensive inspection of your facility, we write programs custom tailored to your facility, your practice type, and your STATE requirements.  No filling in the blanks - it is YOUR program.  A perinatologist is different from an oral surgeon, who is different from a pediatrician.

We are so confident our programs will

exceed OSHA and CDC inspections,

our programs come with a




During an OSHA inspection, regardless of the reason for their inspection, one of the first

things requested by the Enforcement Officer

is training records.

All team members, including part time, full time per-diem and working interviews, must undergo site specific interactive training on your OSHA programs.  This training must be completed

and documented at the point of hire, prior to occupational exposure to hazards, 

and at least annually thereafter. 

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Following a thorough inspection of your facility, our seasoned Safety Engineers conduct site specific training in your office.  We provide all required documentation.  We even provide accredited continuing education units. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Compliance Alliance can bring your practice into compliance with onsite and weekly

web based training programs.


Labeling and posting requirements can be difficult to manage.  What needs a label? 

What posters do I need?  

At Compliance Alliance we manage it for you. 

All regulatory posters are filled in with your practice information.  Facility signage is 

supplied based upon your physical needs.  Secondary container labels are created

according to the GHS standard, specific to product and manufacturer.  

You don't need to be an expert at OSHA and Infection Control - you simply need to know who to call.

Compliance Alliance is your OSHA Solution


Chances are excellent, your organization

spends countless hours and resources on

staff development, revenue cycle management and team building.  When was the last time

you completed hands on training with your sterilization and reprocessing staff, ensuring

their techniques and practices are consistent

with CDC Standards? 


Assuming sterilization processes are correct could be your biggest liability of all.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Compliance Alliance can bring your practice into compliance with onsite and weekly

web based training programs.



Are your OSHA programs written at the STATE level as opposed to the Federal Standard?  Are your workplace safety programs tired

and outdated?  Are your sterilization practices up to par with CDC guidelines?  Do you need an OSHA or Infection Prevention program and 

don't know where to start? 


Let the healthcare experts at Compliance Alliance take the burden off your shoulders.

Our expertise allows you and your team to focus on things to which you are expert,

things that generate revenue.

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