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We have worked with Compliance Alliance for decades. Not until the COVID pandemic hit, did I appreciate the great service and information they provide to my practice. Their guidance, documents and training helped us quickly return practice in a safe manner where both our patients and team were protected. In reality, very few adjustments were needed because of the protocol we already had in place. I highly recommend the Compliance Alliance team!


Ryan Gifford, DDS


I am a dentist in Nevada who has had the good fortune of opening her own practice. As many of you know, opening or buying a practice triggers an OSHA & infection control inspection from the board. Dental school offered an extensive curriculum, but how to set up and implement compliance programs was NOT on the list. After many months of interrupted attempts to fill in all the blanks in canned programs I purchased through a vendor, I contracted Compliance Alliance. They calmed my nerves and not only trained all my new employees but went the extra mile — they actually combed through our entire office to ensure we were up to date on all the latest changes. This allowed me to relax and focus on patient care while they handled the development, training and legwork. They are outstanding at what they do, and even though I am a fairly recent grad and practice how I was taught, them being available just in case and making sure everything is proper gives me great peace of mind. I highly recommend Compliance Alliance to everyone!


Robyn G., DDS


I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who performs surgical procedures under anesthesia in my office and have been working with Compliance Alliance for the past 10 years. In that time, the healthcare regulatory and infection control resources that Compliance Alliance has provided have been invaluable in keeping my medical office compliant with the ever-changing regulations in healthcare. These services have always (and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic) maximized patient and staff health and safety. Tracy Wale and her incredibly astute and professional team are truly wonderful to work with! Especially in these challenging times, they keep you updated on constant and rapidly changing regulations and recommendations from national, state and local regulatory authorities. I highly recommend Compliance Alliance for your office, practice or healthcare facility so that you can be confident that the healthcare services you deliver promote a compliant and safe environment for you, your staff and your patients.


Mark D, MD, DDS


Compliance Alliance gave us exactly what we needed. Achieving compliance and changing the behaviors of our employees was going to be a big hurdle, and your team masterfully handled it. You moved me and my team in a direction we weren’t certain we wanted to go in; and now, regardless of the situations we are placed in, we are confident and adept in our responses. The attention to detail and true understanding of compliance among members of your team is truly outstanding. Our systems are streamlined and despite a great deal of resistance on our part in the beginning, they made us the practice we wanted to be! Now, I can honestly say, my practice is top-notch in everything we do!


Alan T, DO


The changes the Compliance Alliance team suggested many years ago were a huge departure from the status quo of healthcare. I have to say, when COVID-19 hit and everyone’s world was spinning, we were already at the top of our game and made minimal changes to our standard operating procedures. I may have resisted the adaptations you suggested back when we first brought you on board, but I can’t tell you how grateful I am now that I followed the guidance of your team in all aspects of my practice. I can’t imagine doing business without you guys, you are ROCKSTARS!!


Steve G, MD


I am a pain physician in Las Vegas with an Office-Based Procedure Suite. I have been working with Tracy Wale and Compliance Alliance for over 10 years. Compliance Alliance performs all of our OSHA Training and Infection Control. The entire team is knowledgeable and very professional. Their knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory requirements is invaluable. In fact, for our second office location, we provided them with the floor plans and they made recommendations before anything was built so we would be compliant without having to make any changes after the build-out.

Compliance Alliance has been instrumental in our continuous certification with the Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health for the Office-Based Surgery License. They are present and provide assistance during our regular inspections and the unannounced ones. Furthermore, Compliance Alliance has guided us through the accreditation process with The Joint Commission for the past 10 years.

Not only is the team at Compliance Alliance present during all of our inspections with the regulatory bodies, they also have periodic surveys of their own to make sure everything in our office is complaint. Compliance Alliance will keep you out of trouble and help obtain and maintain your accreditations.


Pouya M. M.D.


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